Covid 19

During the year 2019-2020 the world experienced a Global Pandemic due to the Corona Virus Covid-19. Besides Killing 100's of thousands people and disrupting the world economy this virus changed the way the whole world works and lives. As this archive is being compiled in July 2020, we are still in the midst of fighting this war on an invisible enemy, all over the world.

As a result of this virus, meetings, conventions, gatherings, sporting events,flight and cruises and any occasion where people gather together whether it is a marriage or place of worship have all been stopped for now, AKMG also cancelled the 2020 AKMG Symphony Cruise Convention. We then turned our focus to supporting the communities and our doctors by holding and participating in various forums ranging from seminars, conference calls, prayer sessions etc. Some of these were hosted by AKMG and many by other Malayalee organizations like the Nurses Organization, Healthcare workers organization, Malayalee Social organizations like FOKANA, FOMA, etc,, Kerala based MalayalamTV channels, etc.

We also reached out to the Office of the Vice President of USA at the White House to help all doctors including our members who are on the front line working without PPE (personal Protective Equipment).

Below is a sample listing of some of these sessions and this is by no means a complete list. Also attached below is some of the flyers related to these sessions. In addition AKMG released a first of its kind, AKMG Special Edition Newsletter called COVID TALES, attached below.

  • a. AKMG Special Edition Newsletter COVID TALES
  • b. Sample Flyers related to Covid
  • c. Sample list of sessions held related to Covid.

Official Release of AKMG COVID TALES Magazine

Video messages on Covid 19

Hon. CM Sri Pinarai Vijayan addresssing Covid 19 Interational Panel Discussion

Covid Flyers

AKMG webinars on Covid

Topic Media AKMG  Other Participant/Program 
Message from AKMG Flowers TV  Dr.Usha Mohandas USA Roundup Program
Message to AKMG Facebook  Dr. Usha Mohandas Addressed to AKMG
Message from AKMG Weekly Zoom Call by Malayalee Helpline Dr Usha Mohandas FOMA, FOKANA, AKMG, NAINA, etc
Dr. Narendra Kumar
Dr. Geetha Nair
Dr, Nigil Haroon
Dr. Nisha Nigil
Dr. Aravind Pillai
Support for USA Medical Personnel Zoom Call Dr. Sunil Kumar Mizzoram Governor,Shailaja Teacher, MPs, numerous singers, movie actors, etc,
How to be alert and outlive Covid. AsiaNet TV Dr. M V Pillai Dr, William Hall, Dr.ShyamSundaran
Update on COVID Illness Madhurageetham Radio Dr.Nisha Nigil  
Covid 19 Interational Panel Discussion Zoom Dr.Nigil Haroon Moderator Welcome addresss by Hon CM Sri Pinarai Vijayan.
Panelists: Caterina Sagneli,Abdu Sharkavy,Dr.Joseph Nates, Dr.Vinod Ravi, Dr.Hari PN, Dr.Ramanathanm Dr. Masud
COVID introduction Newstream Dr.Nisha Nigil, Dr.SS.Lal,Dr.Sandhya Sukumaran,Dr.Nigil Haroon, Dr.Sunil Kumar  
Covid update Newstream Dr.Nisha Nigil, Dr.SS.Lal,Dr.Sandhya Sukumaran,Dr.Sunil Kumar  
Call with Flooida Governor Ron Destasis Zoom Call Dr. Sunil Kumar Recognized by Florida governor for work on Covid Work
AKMG Asianet Talkathon AsiaNet TV Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Thomas Mathew, Dr Nigil Haroon, Dr. Nisha Nigil, Dr, Krishna Prasad, Dr. Hariprasad  
Covid 19 Facts & Prevention Zoom Dr. Unnikrishnan Thampy, Dr Sunil Kumar, Dr. Geetha Menon KHNA
Information Video Facebook Dr. Meera Sunny, AKMG Emirates  
Herd Immunity vs Lockdown Facebook Dr. Hanish Babu, AKMG Emirates esSense Global/neuronz
Talkathon on Covid-19 AsiaNet TV Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Thomas Mathew, Dr Nigil Haroon, Dr. Nisha Nigil, Dr, Krishna Prasad, Dr. Hariprasad Health Talk
Discussion on Convalescent Plasma Transfusion Sewa International and FOMA Hari Parameswaran Dr Madan Luthra, Dr Shyla Roshin
Battling the Pandemic: Community Empowerment to Flatten the Curve Conference Call Dr.S.S. Lal National Assocation of Indian Nurses
Knowledge dissemination on PPE Facebook group on PPE Dr. Nisha Nigil, Sheela Rajan, Rhea Sudhakaran  
Community outreach Facebook group on COVID Dr.Nisha Nigil  
Covid-19 global perspective Facebook live for a group based in Dubai Dr..Nisha Nigil  
Clinical practice update  Facebook live Dr.Nisha Nigil,Dr.Nigil Haroon, Dr.Santhosh Tyagu, Dr. Krishnakumar Nair, Dr.Usha Harikumar, Dr.Shereen Brajit, Dr.Shabbir Amanullah, Dr.Shakeela Firoz  
COVID Update Zoom Call, Cochin Club, Canada Dr.Shakkeela Firoz  
Media update Kairali TV Dr.Shelby Kutty  
COVID Media update Mangalam TV Dr.Nisha Nigil  
COVID care in NYC Vimeo Dr.Sabu Varghese Jose Kadapuram
Covid update for Georgia ZOOM Atlanta chapter under Dr.Bhat  
Metabolic health during COVID Manorama online and youtube Dr.Nisha Nigil  
COVID 19 General update ZOOM call for NANMA Dr.Nigil Haroon, Dr.Moopen, Dr.Unni Moopen  
COVID Communuty help initiative Zoom call for Brampton malayali samajam Dr.Nisha Nigil, Dr.Shakkeela Firoz  
COVID 19 Update Webinar Zoom webinar for Canada India foundaton and Konkani Association Dr.Nisha Nigil  
To be Continued........