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AKMG 2023 Convention Souvenir

AKMG will release a souvenir to commemorate the 2023 Annual Convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We solicit general interest articles for publication in the souvenir from AKMG members and their families related to medicine/science (avoid scientific manuscripts or journal-feel articles), articles reflecting your thoughts and opinions related to personal life experiences, or philosophical approaches, literary musings - including poetry, travelogues, or human interest stories. Select photographs may be included in these articles for publication.


Articles for submission must be in English or Malayalam and limited to 1000 words, with only a slight leeway accommodated. Please submit in MS-Word format to allow for necessary editing. All accompanying photographs must be in JPEG, and be of high resolution. Please include a full face author photograph, and personal details including title, specialty and location.

Deadline for submitting material: June 01, 2023. Email your material to:

The editorial committee reserves the right to accept, reject or edit the submissions as needed.

Maria Samuel, MD Chair,
AKMG 2023 Souvenir Committee