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Meet your new Youth Committee Leaders:

Hello AKMG,

We are your new youth leaders and we're excited to meet you in Chicago this July 20-22, 2017! This year, we are organizing fun events for the youth; from toddlers to practicing young physicians. There will be opportunities to meet other young single physicians, reconnect with old friends, clubbing events, mentoring services including resume building, personal statement writing, training advice, career advice and networking, opportunity to do poster presentation and win prizes!

AKMG is an organization that cherishes our culture and reminds of where we came from. We rely on our experienced members for their guidance and support but for AKMG to grow and flourish, we need to encourage and support membership from the youth to form a community. AKMG needs members of all ages and we are stronger together than we are apart so can AKMG can continue to grow and flourish into the future.

Young AKMG 2017 Committee Members
Gatha Nair, MD Internal Medicine
Anupam Kumar, MD Pulmonary Critical Care at Cleveland Clinic
Tracy Paul, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Case Western Reserve University

How to Join Young AKMG: 

--Become an AKMG member at:
Membership is $10 for residents and FREE for medical students. Remember to send proof of your training status to!
--Visit our Facebook group:

Why Join Young AKMG?

AMKG helps aspiring young doctors enter the medical field with confidence and provides lots of support in the form of mentoring, resume building and career advice and networking connections! AKMG also helps other young professionals succeed including lawyers, engineers, writers and many more!

AKMG wants your feedback!

Please submit your comments about how to improve AKMG here (  Thanks for helping us make AKMG better every year!

If you have questions, feel free to contact your youth leaders:

Gatha Nair at

Anupam Kunar at

Tracy Paul at

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AKMG welcomes new members, medical students, residents, fellows and practicing physicians and their families!