Association of Kerala Medical Graduates/AKMG

Dear friends,

Dr. Thomas P.MathewCongratulations to President Raji Menon, Convention Chair Nigil Haroon and team for successfully conducting 39th Annual AKMG Convention (Ottawa, Canada).

I am humbled and indeed Proud to carry on the torch, which was carried by 38 previous Presidents and many more who were the Founding Fathers and so many silent and unsung Heroes of AKMG---BIG Salute to you all.

40th year in an organization would not have happened without the hard work of each one of you including your families. I would also like to remember those members who passed away in Eternity during these years.

Next Convention

New York as you all know hosted the 1998 Convention under the great leadership of Dr. Sovy Joseph and Dr. John Benjamin. Since then New York has been relatively Shy to take on the responsibility, partly due to the higher cost of conducting the convention. However, the Potential of New York chapter was recognized by Dr. Alex Thomas and then President Dr. Hari Parameswaran who flew into New York in 2014 and rekindled the Chapter with new oil to jump start the Greater New York area Physicians and Dentist to begin a new era of active AKMG. Dr.Dheeraj Kamalam  was the First President of AKMG Greater New York Chapter and now he is our Convention Chair along with Dr.Alex Mathew and Dr.Unnikrishnan Thampy.

2014 to 2018 New York Chapter has been the most active Wing of AKMG with Quarterly CME meetings and entertainment, with the newest Young Physicians and the most active Spousal Community, and hence we decided to go ahead and Host our Ruby Convention in 2019 in the heart of New York City, Sheraton Times Square on July 25-28,2019.

Yes, it is the 40th Annual Convention and I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the Birth of AKMG as many of you know, and for those of you who don’t know: AKMG was the born-on December 22nd, 1979 when few of our Founding leaders gathered in the house of Dr. P. S Venkit Iyer at New Hyde Park, Long Island with Dr. s C.S. Pitchumoni, N. Vijayshankar, Krishnan Nair and Ramachandran Nair. First General body Meeting was held at Bombay palace in New York city May 24,1980 and now we are hosting our Ruby Convention in the same city.

What makes a convention Successful?

THE Convention Team

New York is boasting the best Organizing Committee in the last decade, as you already witness the start of registration for the committee. Yes, we have convention Special rates (feel free to avail).

New York has been the world’s best attraction since ages, and many of our friends from Kerala and around the globe have dreamt to be here, so if each one of you help to register five friends of yours to meet in New York we will make our Convention the biggest in the last 40 years. With the help Social media, I think its Achievable. Ruby Convention Organization Committee is in discussion with travel agencies to arrange for a 10-day US tour for all those International Attendees.

AKMG Agenda

General Body meeting on August 10,2019, has come up with Key proposal regarding some long-discussed projects. We have decided to appoint a Presidential Committee with Past 3 Presidents Dr. Sunil Kumar, Majeed Paduvana, Raji Menon and Myself to discuss and submit report on 3 major topics to the Governing body.

  1. Increase term limit of President to 2 years.
  2. Electronic Media expenses and Reporter
  3. Mentorship program.
  4. Bridging the gap Initiative

Mentorship program proposal is a great Agenda for this year and I appeal to all our Faculty and Non-Faculty members to take up this cause and register yourselves to be a Mentor and change lives for many more Physicians and Dentists to come and serve the needy in US and Canada.

We will have the provision to register and be a member of the Program, and students/Residents and Fellows should be able to apply directly to the choice of Mentors whom they need help from.

AKMG Humanitarian Services fund has been active and lending Help during the disasters in our homeland under the leadership of Dr. Prem Menon who has selflessly been doing this for many years now.

Recently I had a chance to meet with the Health minister of Kerala Ms. Shailaja Teacher and her Husband during their Visit to US. I can see her passion in developing the Primary Health Centers in Kerala to a more attractive and latest standard. (Aardram Project) As you know the PHC’s have never been developed for past 30 years.

Her project envisions transforming Primary Health Centers into Family Health Centers where the Villages Primary Care needs are met in their hometown, instead of patients going to Taluk and Medical Colleges. We have put forth a set of recommendations to make this happen and she has asked to send this in writing which we will be sending soon. If we can make this process transparent and worthwhile we will discuss and provide more info to all AKMG members to help you make decision on choice of PHC and how to donate.

We have very active young AKMG group in New York and I wish as parents we encourage our Physician and Dentist Children to Join the Young AKMG group and they can attract their friends to join us to be part of the Keralite Heritage

What we can achieve together with this fraternity is what we talked about so long. There are more to come and more goals to be set as we continue in this journey to look back and reminiscence for many generations to come and my hope is by our Golden Jubilee we will be able to achieve these and much more.

Sincerely in AKMG
Thomas P. Mathew, MD, FACP.
President AKMG