Association of Kerala Medical Graduates/AKMG

Dear friends,

Majeed Paduvana, MDAt the outset let me thank all the esteemed members of the AKMG for the trust and confidence in me to lead this unique Organization. I take this opportunity to acknowledge with pride and gratitude all the founding leaders and past Presidents for their relentless and selfless efforts to build and sustain the growth of this Prestigious Physicians organization over the last 37 years. I assure you as the newly elected President of AKMG, that I will do my best to meet or exceed your expectations.Let me also take this opportunity to Congratulate your energetic president, Dr.Sunil Kumar for all the time and effort he has taken for the sake of AKMG and making this Organization better.AKMG feels proud of you and we thank you enormously.My sincere thanks and congratulations to convention chair Dr.Usha Mohandas and the Convention leaders.They have done a fabulous job.

With Miami Beach Convention I have completed my twenty years of close association with AKMG. Myself and my family have enthusiastically attended 19 of the last 20 Conventions and cherish all the sweet memories of those intense 3 day celebrations! In fact, the very first AKMG Convention I attended was right here in the sunshine state in 1997. AKMG gave me a platform like none other to meet new friends, advance my knowledge base, see new places and enjoy all those soulful concerts. After each convention I felt more enriched with friendship, recharged with more energy and fulfilled with scientific knowledge. I sincerely request each and every member of AKMG to continue attending National Conventions and take active roles. Recently We have seen more enthusiasm and eager participation by our Youth and Young AKMG members.I applaud their earnest efforts and request continued involvement in AKMG especially in our educational sessions during National Conventions.You are the future of AKMG and I see many Potential leaders amongst you as we approach our Golden Jubilee.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,” what are you doing for others?”  I believe this is the basis of foundation of this great organization. Our founding fathers had this nagging question in their mind when they net worked with a handful of Physician of kerala origin. Their mission & vision has paid off very well and AKMG today is truly an international humanitarian organization. I want all AKMG members to remember this basic mission. This is the most important reason, why we all have to make it a point attend every annual Convention and make it successful. The surplus will help to fund our Charitable work. Remember we are able to fund more charities when Conventions are well attended. Please read the articles by Dr. Prem Menon, chair of AKMG Humanitarian services in our recent AKMG reporters and on the Web. I take this moment to express our gratitude to Dr. Menon who has been helping AKMG over many years.AKMG appreciates all your hard work.

Now coming to Convention 2017. Michigan team is working hard with the help of physicians of the Great Lakes’ region to make AKMG Convention 2017 in Chicago an enjoyable and memorable one. Please mark your calendars and plan to be in the truly international city of Chicago on July 20-23. On behalf of the convention team lead by young and energetic Dr. Tomy Paul Kalapparambath let me extend a hearty welcome to all of you to Chicago in 2017. The Convention will be held in the majestic Sheraton Grand on Chicago River. This is is an amazing hotel at the perfect location. Most attractions are short walking distance.We all should have a fun filled convention in 2017.

My thoughts on the future of this great organization. I am very optimistic about AKMG. The strength of AKMG is in the caliber of its members who are Physicians & Dentists. Many of them are in Academic Positions and able to help/mentor young Physicians. We have done so much to help our Academic centers / Medical colleges of Kerala. In 2013 AKMG reached another milestone forming the Kerala Educational Initiative thanks to Drs Pitchumoni, Basil Varkey, Dharmarajan, Easwaran Variam and Enas Enas. Dr Hari is coordinating this project to optimize the functionality and future directions.There are of course hurdles because of intermittent interest on the otherside.

I think a more viable option will be to help locally our aspiring young physicians in training. My vision for the future is to form a panel of our leaders to help medical students of kerala origin who is looking for externship / observerships which helps them tremendously when they apply for residency. These are future AKMG members and leaders. I have requested Dr. Parameswaran Hari, a Physician &researcher Par excellence and a past President to lead this ambitious goal.

Let us take a moment to express our appreciation for Dr. Krishna Prasad who has been doing a marvelous job bringing out two editions of AKMG Reporter every year. I am sure you all will agree that these are truly fabulous pieces of art! On behalf of all of you I extend my congratulations to Krishna Prasad.

Finally, I am very fortunate to have the full support of my loving family.   My wife ,Thahiya Majeed has been always my strength and has constantly reminded me about my responsibility to this Wonderful Organization. I thank you with all sincerity.

Thank you all. Together let us take AKMG to new heights.

God Bless you & God Bless the United States of America.


Majeed Paduvana, MD
AKMG President
570 Briarcliff drive.
Grosse Pointe.Michigan.
USA 48236
Phone: 313-549-9512