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Krishna R. Prasad, MD
Mark Your Calendar: AKMG Convention in Ottawa, Canada, August 9th-11th, 2018
We, all the AKMG Family members, had a very wonderful and also very unforgettable time in Chicago, thanks to the leadership of Dr. Majeed Paduvana, and Dr. Tomy Paul Kalapparambath and the 38th Annual AKMG Convention team. The "pazhampori" - the traditional Kerala style banana fry- was flying out of servers' trays in the big boat within minutes of the start of the Chicago River Cruise on July 20th, 2017 evening. Things went crazy afterwards with the wildly successful CME and Entertainment programs that followed in the next 2 days.
AKMG Annual Conventions have always been the great occasion for the young and old AKMG members and families, irrespective of the socio-economic class in North America, or the academic vs non-academic, urban vs rural, or US vs Canada.
AKMG Convention in Ottawa, Canada, August 9-11, 2018: It is not very often that we all get to meet in Canada for AKMG annual Conventions.  So the 39th Annual AKMG Convention in Ottawa, Canada, needs very special attention. On a very personal note, myself and my dear wife, Mini, have attended almost every single annual AKMG Convention since 1995, starting with Kochi, Kerala, India. The last couple of the AKMG Conventions in Canada that I remember are the ones in Toronto and then in Vancouver. Kindly mark your calendar and make sure that our Ottawa 2018 AKMG Convention is the best attended.
In this issue of the Reporter, you can find much more details about the 2018 Annual AKMG Convention in Ottawa, Canada. Our AKMG President Dr. Raji Menon and the Ottawa Convention Chair Dr. Nigil Haroon have written very concise articles in this regard. Please also note the hotel reservation link as well. Also please note that a digital edition of the AKMG Reporter is made available on our website at
We can make a difference when we participate – the motto that I began preaching in 2008 as the AKMG Membership Chair "Strength in Members, Strength in Numbers" always matters.

Krishna R. Prasad, MD
Editor, AKMG Reporter