Association of Kerala Medical Graduates/AKMG

Krishna R. Prasad, MD
Dear AKMG Members and Family,

Spring has sprung on us and we all can feel that gentle spring breeze caressing us all. There is a certain familiar fragrance the breeze is carrying - that of the upcoming 38th Annual AKMG Convention in Chicago, July 20-22, 2017.

Under the leadership of our AKMG President Majeed Paduvana and the Convention Chair Tomy Kalapparambath, a very dedicated and hard working team is at work to make sure that the 38th Annual AKMG Convention in Chicago will deliver an unforgettable experience to the entire AKMG family. We can expect a great feast including the essential components of education, entertainment and cultural re-awakening

The strength of any organization is its membership. AKMG Membership Committee Chair Tomy Kalapparambath needs all the help and support that we, the AKMG members, can offer to attract new members to further strengthen our organization even as the founding, senior members of AKMG gradually retreat to a well deserved retired life.

AKMG's collaborations with various organizations across the continents representing Kerala origin health professionals –doctors, dentists and pharmacists– continues to flourish in a very robust fashion. To name a few, these include ATMG-UK, AKMG Emirates, various alumni organizations of medical schools in Kerala, rest of India and across the Western hemisphere. I had the opportunity to participate in the Trivandrum Medical College Alumni Association's 12th Annual Convention on January 26th, 2017.

Please mark your calendar and block the dates July 20-22, 2017 so that all of you can attend the upcoming 38th Annual AKMG Convention in Chicago. Please go ahead and register online and book your hotel rooms ASAP. There are direct links on our website to expedite these processes for you.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Chicago !!!

Krishna R. Prasad, MD
Editor, AKMG Reporter