Association of Kerala Medical Graduates/AKMG

Krishna R. Prasad, MD

Let's all meet at the AKMG Ruby Convention, July 25th-28th, 2019 in Times Square, New York!

I am so glad that our AKMG President Dr. Thomas Mathew, Convention Chairs Dr. Alex Mathew and Dr. Unnikrishnan Thampy and the fantastic NY Convention team have aptly named this as the Ruby Convention. Look at what Ruby stands for, and you get the idea. RUBY: When rubbed on the skin, Ruby was also thought to restore youth and vitality. For thousands of years, Ruby was considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life. Like no other gemstone in the world, Ruby is the perfect symbol for powerful feelings.

AKMG is an exclusive and elite club that we all belong to, with a very rich cultural heritage, Indian and North American and easily spanning two continents, Asia and North America with all the oceans between them. Imagine how AKMG has grown over the past four decades, from a few founding fathers who met in a small space in the late 1970's to our current annual conventions held in five star hotels that accommodate thousands in their huge auditoriums. Please do read "Who We Are" on

As we gear up for the New York AKMG Ruby Convention in July 2019, let me encourage all our AKMG members to register online, book the hotel room, bring youngsters from family, friends and acquaintances so that we can ensure the continued growth of this proud organization even as the elders fade away.

As you will see in the articles in this edition of the AKMG Reporter, Dr. Thomas Mathew and his team have enough recreational and educational activities lined up for all of us: members, spouses, children and guests. Also, there are articles about our upcoming conventions including the 7-Day Caribbean Cruise Convention in 2020 being organized by our President Elect Dr. Usha Mohandas and the Florida team.

Kindly remember to recruit new and young health professionals in the US and Canada into the AKMG fold. You may meet these youngsters in the hospital, community, church, mosque or temple. They need to know that we are eagerly waiting for them to join us. The AKMG membership criteria are very liberal-- As per AKMG bylaws, any person with any type of connection to Kerala by education, ancestry, marriage all are counted in the eligibility criteria. Dr. Tomy Kalapparambath, as the AKMG Membership Committee Chair, has done a wonderful job in recruiting new members. Let's all strengthen his efforts.

So many charitable activities have been carried out by AKMG-HS {Humanitarian Services} under the very capable leadership of Dr. Prem Menon for the past few decades, in North America and India. The fireworks disaster near Kollam and the recent flood disaster are very good examples wherein AKMG-HS has stepped in. Kindly read the articles in this Reporter for the specifics. Please do not forget to make your tax deductible donation to AKMG-HS. Please also consider doing so while registering for our New York Ruby Convention.

Once again, looking forward to seeing you all in New York!!!

Krishna R. Prasad, MD
Editor, AKMG Reporter