Association of Kerala Medical Graduates/AKMG

Krishna R. Prasad, MD

From Ottawa 2018 to New York 2019 : the pilgrimage continues

I personally believe that our AKMG is worth worshipping as an embodiment of the selfless dedication of all clinicians - medical and dental professionals- with any type of affiliation to Kerala. The organization has steadily flourished from the hard work of clinicians of all age groups over the past four decades. We can be equally proud of our women leaders in AKMG. In fact AKMG trumps several other organizations and even countries when it comes to women empowerment !!! Every AKMG Convention to me is like a devotional destination, worth a pilgrimage. All the attendees are defacto pilgrims , similar to what happens in Mecca, Rome/Velankanni and Sabarimala.
The 39th Annual AKMG Convention in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, was a grand success and we all are in unison , congratulating the Ottawa Team members and leaders including Drs. Raji Menon, Nigil Haroon, Nisha Nigil, PK Kutty. Stalwarts like Dr. Yusuf Salim and Dr. M.V. Pilllai set a new high by their graceful participation at the Ottawa Convention. The Ottawa Team stunned everyone with the brilliant exploitation of technology and social media, especially WhatsApp. The Team was an outstanding example of harmony, each member equally valued and respected. The Ottawa Team set lofty standards and a new tall order that future AKMG Conventions will have to meet or beat. The Young AKMG came out in force and we were able to witness the enthusiasm of the youngsters, in whose hands the future of AKMG is very secure. Once again, my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to the Ottawa Team.
The AKMG Ruby Convention in New York, July25-28, 2019 takes us pilgrims from Ottawa, the great capital city of Canada, to the greatest city on earth, New York, the Big Apple,where the one and only Statue of Liberty beckons all and sundry. We the AKMG members have been randomly blessed with two great destinations back to back. Dr. Thomas Mathew, our President, and Dr. Alex Mathew, the Convention Chair with the NY Team members, are already trail blazing with their inauguration of Convention registration during the Ottawa moot. A tall order has been set by the Ottawa team for the NY Team to meet or beat . I challenge the NY Team to beat it,, as a healthy and collegial competition is going to make our AKMG stronger and our Annual Conventions better.

Please register and book the hotel room ASAP for the 2019 AKMG Ruby Convention in NY – let us, the pilgrims, show our strength in numbers !!! In this regard, please peruse the articles in this newsletter by our President Dr. Thomas Mathew and the Convention Chair Dr. Alex Mathew.

The 2020 AKMG Convention Team under our President Elect Dr. Usha Mohandas already have announced the 7 day Carribean Cruise , registration being available at the NY 2019 Convention. I like the idea of planning ahead by a year, pioneered by the NY 2019 Team .

Our strength is in members. As the older leaves fade away, the new leaves have to strengthen the tree. Dr. Tomy Kalapparambath, the AKMG Membership Committee Chair is doing an outstanding job in recruiting new members. I request all our members to spread the word about AKMG among all the Kerala connected clinicians in your community and encourage them to join AKMG.

AKMG-HS under the stewardship of Dr. Prem Menon has collected and distributed charitable contributions from AKMG members for various humanitarian causes in North America and India/Kerala. A wonderful article penned by Dr. Prem Menon in this Reporter will enlighten everyone about the activities of AKMG-HS, including the recent tragic Kerala floods. Kindly contribute liberally to AKMG-HS.

Finally, please visit, register yourself, and utilize our site often to keep updated on AKMG news and developments. The Ottawa Team impressed us all with the power of WhatsApp as a tool. I also request our leaders/AKMG Executive Committee to officially sanction the WhatsApp AKMG group and suggest that Dr.Nigil Haroon and Dr. Nisha Haroon or their nominee[s] be appointed as the WhatsApp AKMG group administrators, or the baton be passed on to the next AKMG Convention team.

Krishna R. Prasad, MD
Editor, AKMG Reporter