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Krishna R. Prasad, MD
Mark Your Calendar: AKMG Convention in Ottawa, Canada, August 9th-11th, 2018
We, the AKMG family members, are about to enjoy the great Canadian hospitality during the 39th Annual AKMG Convention to be held in Ottawa, August 9-11, 2018. Our AKMG President Dr. Raji Menon and the Ottawa Convention Chair Dr. Nigil Haroon have been hard at work with the various members of the Convention Organizing Committee for the past several months to ensure that all of us will have a wonderful time in Ottawa. Most of us rarely get a chance to visit Canada that often; please attend the 39th Annual AKMG Convention in Ottawa, enjoy the Canadian summer while feasting on all the varied events and opportunities the AKMG Ottawa Convention has to offer- educational, entertainment including music and dance, cultural and historical. Dr. Haroon reveals glimpses in to these fantastic programs in his article in this Reporter - including Onam Sadhya, Thiruvathira, Classical Music, Contemporary and Fusion Music, various dance programs and the "Parashuram Express".
To ensure the viability, growth and continued advancement of our AKMG, we all have to strive to attract and recruit new members and also encourage the current annual members to become Life Members of AKMG. Please utilize all available avenues and opportunities to encourage Medical, Dental professionals of Kerala ancestry or connection to join AKMG. Let us strongly support the efforts of Dr . Tomy Paul Kalapparambath, AKMG Membership Committee Chair in this regard.
To give brings much more happiness to the donor. Please donate to whatever extent you can to AKMG-HS (Humanitarian Services) - no amount is too little or too much. Under Dr. Prem Menon's leadership, AKMG-HS has supported very many deserving charitable causes in North America and India over the past decades. Please remember that your donations are tax exempt.
Finally, let us all make the 39th Annual AKMG Convention an unforgettable grand success. Book your rooms online - see the details and the links on

Krishna R. Prasad, MD
Editor, AKMG Reporter