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Departure Saturday July 18th 2020
Return Saturday, July 25th 2020


A 7-day Western Caribbean cruise aboard Royal
Caribbean's "Symphony of the Seas" traveling to:
Miami, Florida (Start)
Private Island Labadee
Cococay, Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas
Falmouth, Jamaica
Miami, Florida (End)

1. How do I make my booking?

Fill out the Registration Forms by clicking on the button below that says "Register Now!". This will take you to the "Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea" website. Select the blue tab that says "Register Online" to get started. It is highly recommended that you review the frequently asked question ( FAQ) below, before you start the Registration process.

It is a two step process.

Step 1:

Go online, complete the form, review the information and hit submit. You will get an confirmation email saying that your information has been received.

Step 2:

An agent from Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea organization will call you , at the preferred telephone number you have given in the form in step 1. They will review your input and guide you with the room selection to make sure that you select the right room type for your needs. Please get familiar with the different room types available for this group and their costs as listed in the tab "Cruise Pricing" in this link.

The Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea will process the registration. Your booking is complete only after step 2 and you will get a 2nd email confirming booking completed.

If you do not get either of the two emails call the "Help desk" at Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea organization at +1 727-526-1571 or 800-422-0711

2. When should I do my booking?

Earlier the better. Book now to get the best room of your choice and avoid disappointment

3. When do I pay?

At the time of registration, in step 2. When the Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea calls, you have to pay a $ 250 deposit per person. The remainder of payments is due by April 10th 2020. If you wish, you can pay the entire amount at the time of booking or any time before the deadline date of April 10th 2020.

4. Can my family member or friend who is not in AKMG be allowed to register for this cruise?

Yes, It is open to family and friends of AKMG at this time. If the rooms for this sailing date are sold out, AKMG reserves the right to restrict the rooms at this group rate to members only ( All prior bookings of members and non-members will not be affected in any way). Hence, we strongly recommend that you book at the earliest.

5. Cruise Pricing

See the tab "Cruise Pricing' on the University at Sea website (Click Here for Pricing). Please note that the prices are Per Person based on Double Occupancy.

The following charges gets added to the base fare listed there.

Port charges, taxes & fees $362.57 per person Gratuities ranges from $101.50 to $142.50 per person (depending on the stateroom category)

Royal Caribbean may at times have special promotions. If you see a fare advertised that is less than what you paid, please call Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea at +1 727-526-1571 or 800-422-0711 they will match that price.

6. How much is the delegate fees ?

The delegate fee is for the various registrant types are shown below.

Registrant Category Registrant Fee
AKMG Member - Delegate Fee $299
AKMG Member's Companion Fee $99
AKMG Life member over 70 - Delegate Fee $99
Non Members/Companion Fee $299
Child under 12 years (as of 7/1/2020) $ 0
Child 12 years- 21 yrs (as of 7/1/2020) $99
Fellow/Resident $99
Medical Student $ 0

7. Will I need a Visa?

The Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea will work with you at the time of booking and determine if u need visas for USA, Jamaica.

8. Where do I park/board the ship?

  • Miami. Terminal A - Royal Caribbean's own state of the art new terminal at Port Miami. The address is 1015 N. America Way, Miami, Florida 33132.
  • The cruise/park terminal is located on Dodge Island, just across from downtown Miami. It is about 8 miles east of Miami International Airport, 25 miles south of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and 238 miles from Orlando International Airport.

9. Can I cancel my booking and get my deposit back ?

You will get a 100% refund of your deposit if you cancel your booking 90 days before the sailing date of July 18, 2020 ONLY if you do your booking through AKMG booking agent - Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea. If you book directly with Royal Caribbean your deposit will NOT be refunded. You will also NOT have access to any of the AKMG functions and dining areas if you book directly with Royal Caribbean.

10. International Attendees

Riya Travels is arranging a package for a tour of USA from Kochi, India. At the end of this tour, they will bring you to Miami on July 18, 2020 to join the 2020 AKMG Symphony Cruise Convention. Details are in the flyer.

Riya Travel is an independent travel agent. This is provided as a courtesy and the participants engage with them at their own risk as with any travel agent. You are not required to use Riya Travel's services. AKMG is not associated with Riya Travels in any way and is not responsible for any of the actions, charges or services that Riya Travels provides or does not provide

11. What does delegate fee cover?

1. Provides access to all AKMG programs.
2. Covers the cost of running a conventiona
3. It's a tax deductible educational expense for all the delegatesb
4. Provides 10 AMA category 1 credits in an Accredited CME by international panel of speakers
5. Provides custom menu exclusively for the AKMG family.
6. Provides private and reserved dining area for the delegates.
7. Provides THREE FREE cocktail events!
8. Covers the cost of bringing our own Entertainers for AKMG programsc
9. Provides the opportunity to participate in an annual AKMG/ national convention.
10. This is one of the LOWEST delegate feed

a. Convention Cost includes

• Delegate fee covers the cost of running a convention, similar to a land convention.
• Ship provides us with 5000 sf of dedicated space 24/7 exclusively for our use.
• Professional entertainers, Coffee breaks during CME, yoga sessions, literary session, karaoke night, senior event, photography sessions.
• Cost of CME accreditation.
• Use and transformation of public venues for exclusive use for AKMG programs

b. Tax deduction
• Delegate fee assigns you as a participant in an annual AKMG/ national convention.
• Since the CME is included in the total delegate fee, you get one receipt for the entire family that can be used for IRS tax purposes (education/ business purpose).
• Please consult your accountant for more details.

c. AKMG Programs
• Dedicated meeting space for all our programs
• The Welcome reception, AKMG got talent night, Gala night and movie night
• Opportunity to enjoy all 21 meals together in a private area of the Main Dining room

d. Lowest delegate fee
• This is one of the lowest delegate fee for a 7-day long cruise
• The delegate fee was $595 for the previous cruise convention the AKMG Alaska Cruise in 2011.
• The delegate fee was $900 for the last land convention, the NY convention in 2019.


12. Why can't I get the $100 discount anymore?

That was a special sale offer that has now ended.

13. Are the shore excursions included in the Cruise price?

No. The shore excursions are optional for cruise members.

14. How do I arrange shore excursions?

Please get in touch with the "Help desk" at Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea organization at +1 727-526-1571 or 800-422-0711 .

15. Do AKMG registrants get discounted rates for shore excursions

No. But the "Help desk" at Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea organization at +1 727-526-1571 or 800-422-0711 may offer deal/sale prices.

16. Why do I have to pay for my kids who are sharing the cabin with me?

Cabin policies are determined by the cruise line and not AKMG

17. What should I do, when I see promotional rates offered by Royal Caribbean that are cheaper than the AKMG rates?

Please call the "Help desk" at Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea organization at +1 727-526-1571 or 800-422-0711 and they WILL match the promotional offers.

18. What are the port charges and taxes:

These prices are set by Royal Caribbean and Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea.

19. During the on shore days do we have to buy our own lunches?

The cruise ship will provide lunch during the stay in Labadee, however we do have to provide for ourselves during the on shore stay in Falmouth and Cozumel.

There is however the option of going back to the Ship for lunch or snacks.

20. Is the deposit refundable

Reservations made via AKMG, the deposit is fully REFUNDABLE up to to 90 days from sailing date (Except the suites).

Reservations made directly via Royal Caribbean, the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

21. Organizing Committee

AKMG President
Usha Mohandas MD
2020 AKMG Convention Chair
Pradip Baiju MD
President Florida Chapter
K Moideen MD
Sunil Kumar MD
Abdul Karim MD
Aravind Pillai MD
Dr. Jaisy Baiju
Vandana Kumar MD
Bessy Kotturan
Sulekha Moideen MD
Velluva Mohandas MS
Ravindra Nathan MD
Venkat Iyer MD

Executive Committee

Paul Kotturan MD

Ashalatha Dheeraj MD
S S Lal MD
K Moideen MD

22. For Additional Information

For additional information, call +1 727-526-1571 or 800-422-0711. The registration process is handled by the professional staff at Continuing Education Inc./University at Sea.

Mon-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Sat 9:00am-5:00pm Eastern Standard Time

Sun 1:00pm-5:00pm Eastern Standard Time