Association of Kerala Medical Graduates/AKMG

Krishna R. Prasad, MD


It took us 20 years from the previous one, to host an AKMG convention here in New York, but this one certainly is for the history books – The 40th (Ruby) convention of AKMG. We are proud to host it and have every reason to be excited , to welcome you all to "The Greatest City of all" New York- more precisely to Manhattan, the most popular of the city's 5 boroughs, bounded by the Hudson , East and Harlem rivers and truly considered to be the "heart of the Big Apple" . Summer brings the best out of this big city, the air is so refreshing, the scenes are stunning, the streets packed with cosmopolitan crowds, with over 200 languages spoken and buzzing with activities everywhere , it is sure to bring out the best in you and for you.
For all of us who have been part of the AKMG, we know that Annual AKMG conventions are great opportunities to reminiscent the past, experience and share the present and contemplate for the future. I am pretty confident that, the 40th convention will more than fulfill your expectations on that front. The venue we have chosen, the enthusiasm shown by our members and friends nationally and internationally to register in the early bird period, the programs being planned , including the Night cruise of NY City as the kickoff event are all positive indicators of the way this convention is likely to turn out and excel. We no doubt are in the beginning stages of planning and will be able to give more specifics within the next couple of months. But one thing is for sure, the recent catastrophe that struck our home state, which hurt the very fabric of our state- will weigh heavily on our minds as we chart out our program for this convention. We are urged to think, how we as a fraternity of professionals from Kerala, can be part of the needs assessment for Kerala or contribute financially and professionally to the rebuilding process that would envisage a more permanent, long standing solution to the problems that our state currently faces. We are hoping that we would be able to have some experts enlightening us on this so that we can put our whole hearted efforts to rebuild Kerala – our home state, which in fact is the sole factor that binds us together as AKMG.
Apart from the convention itself, New York city is a destination worth visiting and revisiting, for people of all ages. If you are not mesmerized by the city's soaring sky scrapers like the Empire state, One trade centre, The Statue of liberty, ( to name a few) , you will be blown away by flourishing arts, food, fashion and nightlife of this great city. You can spend your morning browsing 5th Avenue designer racks, and your afternoon catching stunning city views from top of the Rock observation desk. If you are an art lover , you definitely can admire the striking works at display at The Metropolitan Museum of art, or the Guggenheim where the halls are choke full of Pablo Picasso or Norman Rockwell's best works. Later in the day, you can feast on the ethnic fare in China town or Little Italy. As the night draws , step in to an award winning Broadway show and late night will be the time to sneak into one of the low key roof top bars or jazz clubs . All in all, the city never sleeps and you have many options to choose.

Once again, on behalf of the organizing committee , I welcome you to New York, for the AKMG Ruby convention, to be part of this great celebration .

Dr: Alex Mathew,
Convention chair