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AKMG membership drive - Feb 15 to July 28 2019.

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Change and Progress are intermingled in all organizations, and only when we yield to change Read More...

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On behalf of the AKMG Convention team, I extend a warm welcome
to all of you to the Ruby Convention,

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FLet's all meet at the AKMG Ruby Convention, July 25th-28th, 2019 in Times Square, New York! .. Read More...

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AKMG Kerala Flood Relief Activity

AKMG Kerala Flood  Relief Activity

Our beautiful Kerala met with an unprecedented disaster recently. By early August, Kerala received close to 3 times the usual amount of rainfall resulting in over 30 dams across the state brimming with water at dangerous levels. Read more...


AKMG was founded in 1981 as a social and non-profit organization Dr. Gokulanathan was the founding president. The process of establishing the AKMG Humanitarian Services (AKMG-HS) ran through the presidencies of Drs. Shakunthala Rajagopal, Ravindra Nathan and Easwaran Variyam, from 1999 through 2002 Read more...

Ottawa Convention 2018!